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February 28, 2015

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

11 months without Noah. As each day passes not much changes... We still miss Noah and every single thing about him.

See public I Heart Noah Facebook for short video: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Heart-Noah/155929211124392

January 28, 2015

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

It's been 10 months already and it all seems like just yesterday...

We miss Noah all the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day...

December 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

As we reflect back, this year has been so very difficult for our entire family as we celebrated special occasions for the first time, without Noah. Everything's different because there's an emptiness.

This year, our family took a couple trips to get away and bond. We also took the girls out a lot - it was a whole new world for them. We enrolled Giana in swim class - she is a little mermaid! We had a family motto: if Noah couldn't do it then none of us did it. That way, he di...dn't feel like he was missing out on anything. Noah's feelings were first priority for all of us and not doing certain things didn't matter. All that mattered was we were all happy - especially Noah. The Feds finally released a partial hold to Dr. Burzynski's clinical trial of Antineoplastons. Many of you can attest that Noah lived a wonderful and extended 3 1/2 years after diagnosis. Because Noah lived a great life even with DIPG, we continue to support Dr. Burzynski for the simple fact that we prayed for guidance and were lead to this doctor who in our mind was God's instrument to help Noah. He sure held up to his mission - Noah didn't suffer even with the curve balls thrown his way.

Now, as we begin a new year, we must renew our lives. Even if 9 months have gone by already, as one friend reminded me, the end is near and we're that much closer to seeing Noah again. Blessings too all and may you have a prosperous new year!

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I Heart Noah's photo.

December 20, 2014

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

Thankful for the time Noah was with us... And thankful for the strength God is giving us until we see him again. I Heart Noah.

'Thankful for the time Noah was with us... And thankful for the strength God is giving us until we see him again. I Heart Noah.'

November 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

Today marks 8 months since Noah finished his race. Thanksgiving dinner was Noah's favorite dinner... He was always so excited and this year was a first without him. Although we sort of dreaded getting together for Thanksgiving without him, we were thankful and at peace. We thank God for blessing us with Noah!

He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147:3

I Heart Noah's photo.

November 20, 2014

by Stout Family on 03/09/15

It was a very special day for our family. We went to John Sinnott Elementary school today, as we all remember Noah at his Memorial Bench Dedication Ceremony. We saw all of Noah's 2nd grade classmates and his good friend's Aman and Corina.

Thank you Hillary Leday, Officer Eric Emmanuele, Renee Lorentzen, David Gordillo, John Sinnott Elementary School Staff and the City of Milpitas, CA for your continued love and support to Noah and our family!

"We love you to infinity!" as Noah would say.

'This bench was installed today at John Sinnott Elementary School where Noah attended. Thank you so much to Mrs. Hillary Leday - Noah's 2nd Grade Class Teacher, for pushing this through. It is such a blessing to have this bench dedicated and in honor of our sweet, Noah. They also plan to have a Dedication Ceremony. Go Sinnott Wildcats!!!'

November 19, 2014

by Stout Family on 11/20/14

It was a very special day for our family. We went to John Sinnott Elementary school today, as we all remember Noah at his Memorial Bench Dedication Ceremony. We saw all of Noah's 2nd grade classmates and his good friend's Aman and Corina.
Thank you Hillary Leday, Officer Eric Emmanuele, Renee Lorentzen, David Gordillo, John Sinnott Elementary School Staff and the City of Milpitas, CA for your continued love and support to Noah and our family!

"We love you to infinity!" as Noah would say.
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October 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 11/20/14

 months have gone by and not a single day has gone by that we haven't thought about our moments with Noah. It's been tough lately. Maybe because the season changed or maybe because Noah's team SF Giants are in the World Series and the 49er...s games are on. We can hear him get mad during the game saying, "ohhhhhh cmonnnnn!!!" Or "what thuhhhhhh!!!" We can also hear his sarcasm to the other team when he used to say, "waaa-waaa-waaa!!!" when his team scores. LOL!

Everything's orange from the moon, the sky, the leaves, fashion color, home decor color or maybe we're just noticing it more now. When we're down, we pray and we feel better because we know God is close and will catch us when we fall as He always does (thank You). That's just about all we can do. We just miss Noah so much. Now let's do this SF Giants!!! Oh sorry... I guess Noah rubbed off on me.
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Remembering Noah on September 19

by Stout Family on 09/14/14

We are so thankful because on September 19, 2006, God blessed us with our precious, Noah. He would be turning 8 years old this year. The Buensuceso - Stout Family declares September 19th as ou...r family, "Noah Day!" We will all take a timeout to celebrate Noah's precious life that day! We will reflect back and reminisce on the love, joy, jokes & laughs, happiness, wisdom and life lessons he brought to our family.

On Friday, September 19th, we will incorporate the color "orange" into our attire. We welcome all of you to join us! Please wear your "I Heart Noah Forever" ribbons, paint your nails orange, wear your orange coral jewelry, wear an orange tie, etc... Let's remember Noah on this very special day together, as "Team I Heart Noah!" And, please post your pictures on this Facebook page.

I know Noah would be so happy... and all we can do is continue to do the things we know would make him happy because, when NOAH is happy, WE are happy!!! Love you all!
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August 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 09/14/14


Today marks 5 months we've been without Noah. His name plate, picture and bench are all in place, and we continue to keep his site full of beautiful colorful flowers. It's so hard without Noah but, we've managed to stay strong in our faith,... which is how we are able to keep going. His sisters miss him and speak of him often. They also mimic his silly gestures that make all of us laugh. Noah would have started 3rd grade this school year and, this September 19th he would be turning 8 years old. We remember every moment with Noah - ones that make us laugh, ones that make us cry, and ones that give us encouragement and inspiration to keep smiling and be at peace with God's will.

We thank each and every one of you who continue to keep us in your prayers. We also thank those who continue to check on our family to see how we are doing. Your prayers, love and friendship mean so much to us. We are blessed with your support!

I found the drawing that says I Love My Mom with the infinity symbols, in my wallet the other day. It reminded me that love is infinite because Noah would always say, "I love you to infinity." And this is true... We feel his love every day!
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July 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 09/14/14

We celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of our church, Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), July 27. Our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, officiated the worship service at the new Philippine Arena (largest in the world). It ...was attended by 55,000+ people present inside the arena, a million outside and 1200+ sites worldwide who watched via live telecast. We all celebrated and worshipped together across the globe, in all time zones, with choirs who sang simultaneously. It was amazing! Although we were happy, we missed Noah and wished he was with us. This event was something he had looked forward to. We received awesome news from a sister who traveled to attend the celebration in person. She told us she saw Noah's painting on display at the Iglesia ni Cristo Museum Art Exhibit. Noah made this painting specifically for Brother Eduardo. Noah asked that I ship it to him and I did just what he asked. We were told it would be displayed at the museum, but what we didn't know was it was already on display. Wow!

In the early morning the day after Noah left us, I decided to take a drive. As I was driving I had to hit my brakes very hard because I nearly hit it an eagle. It was in my path and it took a dive in front of my windshield. I wasn't sure if I was imagining it because of how I was feeling, but when I looked at the people around me, those walking stopped in their tracks, and those playing tennis were paused. All were looking at this eagle. A friend reminded me of Isaiah 40:31, "But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired." I am reminded of this after one friend commented yesterday, "I saw how Noah has brought all of you close and closer to your faith." And she was right - he did just that. Another friend posted on her Instagram a few days ago, Hebrews 13:7, "Don't forget about your leaders who taught you God's message. Remember the kind of lives they lived and try to have faith like theirs." She then commented and said, "Remembering Noah. One verse that spoke volumes and said Noah all over it. A child's faith that was immeasurable, sincere and forever changed the way I believe."

Today is month #4, since Noah finished his race. Remembering Noah reminds us to trust and have faith. We love you, Noah!!! We are so proud of you - and most of all... Thank you, son!
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June 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 07/05/14

Today marks 3 months since the day Noah finished his race. Our family went to Hawaii to get away for a bit and in Hawaii, we saw everything Noah painted. We wanted to eat at a hole in the wall local spot - and we we're lead to Ono Steak and... Shrimp Shack in Waimanalo. Soon as we finished ordering, Anthony noticed a picture and autograph of Mike Iupati #77 of the 49ers on the wall. Mr. Iupati gave Noah an autographed 49er jersey which is with Noah now. One of Noah's favorite songs, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, started playing on the radio station soon as we took notice to the picture. The inside of the restaurant was orange and hanging on the wall was a lei, similar to the one Tita Maryann, Uncle Eric and his cousins gave him, before we all left for the trip. Everything about Hawaii was so Noah - such a little island boy. Today at 6:52pm we will release 5 orange balloons (1 balloon for each of us), in honor of our, precious Noah. Our family started this tradition the day of his interment and every 28th at 6:52pm, if you see orange balloons in the sky remember Noah and his beautiful smile. See More

May 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 07/05/14

Today marks 2 months since the day Noah left us. We miss him so much and there's not a day that goes by without him on our minds. Whenever we were sad or upset about something or someone Noah would always say, "Don't worry about it, just pray." I remembered this last night, did what he said and felt better. May you remember his words also, during those rough times.

March 30, 2014

by Stout Family on 03/30/14

We are deeply saddened and with heavy hearts to inform you that our son, Noah Stout, passed away at UCSF Hospital in San Francisco on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 6:52PM.  As many of you know, Noah was diagnosed with DIPG, which he battled for over 3 years.

First, we are so very thankful to God for blessing us with our Noah and allowing us to spend 7 ½ years with him. We fully submit ourselves to God’s will and we know that this was all a part of His plan. We are grateful to our Father in Heaven for choosing us to be the proud parents of this beautiful and incredible boy. His spirit, strength, courage, faith and complete trust in God have been a life lesson to us.  Although we do not know why this happened, we are certain that God truly loves Noah as he was always there to guide Noah to be brave, prayerful and strong in his faith.

We have no regrets in any decisions we’ve made. We prayed for guidance to the find the right doctor, and God led us to Dr. Burzynski.  Although this was not the expected outcome, Noah did not suffer.  As a result of administering the non-toxic medicine, and not pursuing conventional treatment (radiation/chemo), Noah had quality of life.  He was regularly able to attend Children’s Worship Service, 2nd grade homeschool, and extra-curricular activities.  Noah left us as handsome as he was the day he was born.  Despite the difficulties experienced, Noah always laughed, joked and made people smile.  He never complained about being sick.  For all of this, we express our heartfelt thanks to the Burzynski Clinic.

Noah prayed to become an Iglesia ni Cristo/Church of Christ Minister when he grew up.  People that knew him believed that Noah was already an inspiration to them by his example.  Some would also comment, “those who came to know Noah, came to know God”.  This is what we believe was Noah’s primary purpose in life.  

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you who love Noah, and have supported him throughout his entire journey.  You are all angels sent from above and you will never be forgotten.  May God shower his blessings to you and your loved ones.


Anthony and Michelle Stout


Lima Family Milpitas/Fremont Mortuary

48800 Warm Springs Blvd.

Fremont, CA 94539

(408) 263-2868 


Monday, April 7, 2014: 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Tuesday, April 8, 2014: 10:00AM – 9:00PM


Service & Interment:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 1:00PM

Special Request:

Noah’s favorite color was orange.  In honor of Noah, please incorporate the color orange in your attire.


February 20, 2014

by Stout Family on 02/20/14

Noah enjoyed Thanksgiving as it is his favorite dinner. He celebrated our Church’s end of the year Thanksgiving and attended Children’s Worship Service dressed in a nice tan suit with an orange tie. For those of you who know Noah, he loves to dress his best in suits and ties. He also brought in the New Year singing karaoke with his birthday buddy, Papa Art and family who visited from Arizona.

Noah had a catheter replacement in mid-January. As per the standard surgery procedures, he was given general anesthesia with a breathing tube through the mouth into the airway. Unfortunately, as Noah was still recovering from the common cold,  the secretions in his throat worsened due to the breathing tube used in surgery. Noah couldn’t cough up the secretions so he was admitted to the hospital as he needed Respiratory Care for suction. While at the hospital Noah was also experiencing a sporadic itch sensation he gets from time to time. When we took him to the hospital previously, it wasn’t something the doctors had seen before since there was no evidence of a skin rash or irritation. We assumed it was an allergic reaction to something but, antihistamines were ineffective. After doing further research, what Noah was experiencing seemed close to being a type of neuropathic itch. We met with Neurology during the hospital stay and they agreed that may be the case. Thank God, they prescribed a medication that Noah could take on an as needed basis for immediate relief. We watched the Super Bowl from the hospital (Noah enjoyed Bruno Mars’ half time show), and we were discharged the following day. Special thanks to my super supportive Buensuceso and Moreno Family for taking care of our girls, Giana and Leila, while we were away, and to Bro. Rommel San Gabriel, who took the time out of his busy ministerial schedule to come every day to UCSF to pray for Noah and anoint him with oil.

Noah was excited about a recent "Noah Night". It was Menlo High School’s (in Atherton, CA), basketball game, against rival school Sacred Heart Prep. They dedicated this special game to Noah. It was a heartwarming event as the gym was an ocean of orange (Noah’s favorite color). Everyone wore orange, waved orange cloths in the air, had orange balloons and the basketball players from both schools wore orange socks. There were even some students who painted their hair orange! Unfortunately, because Noah was discharged from the hospital that same week, he wasn't able to make it but, he was able to Face Time with his Dad, Anthony who attended the game. Special thanks to Coach Leday and his new Menlo High School (Atherton, CA) and Sacred Heart Prep families.

We also want to say a special Thank You to: Jen Santos, Vanessa Yang, Rosel Allones, Art & Maria Buensuceso, Art & Sally Villasol, Tony Frascone (Principal at John Sinnott Elementary), Hilary Leday (Noah’s 2nd Grade Teacher), Jenny Mutti (Noah’s Homeschool Teacher), Kellie Arnone (CCS PT), Paul Gallarate (CCS OT), Linda O’Connor (Home PT), Craig DeVincent (UCSF), Scott Martin (UCSF), Shannon Raber (UCSF), Amy Selverston (UCSF), Dr. Marquis (Burzynski Clinic), Dr. Burzysnki, Dr. Banerjee (UCSF), Dr. Oates (UCSF), Dr. Lee (UCSF), and many-many others!

October 4, 2013

by Stout Family on 10/04/13

Noah's turned 7 years old on September 19, 2013 and celebrated his very special day 1950s biker/surfer style (Teen Beach Movie theme), with his closest friends and family. He also had a birthday party in his classroom at school with new 2nd grade friends and received several greetings and special surprises from many other students at his school. His last MRI was on September 16th and the results were once again stable with no growth, no enhancement and no activity. What a great birthday present!

Noah has been very busy as he started the 2nd Grade at John Sinnott Elementary and was placed in Ms. Leday's class. He continues to be homeschooled by Ms. Mutti. His principal, Mr. Frascone along with the Superintendent, Mr. Matsuoka, graciously offered to let Noah use a robot that allows Noah to be a perceptual student. He was so excited as he remembers seeing this in a movie. The head of the robot is an iPad and Noah controls the robot from another iPad at home. He can move the robot anywhere he wants to and the robot's iPad head, becomes Noah's face through the iPad cameras so that everyone can see Noah and Noah can see everyone, too. Pretty amazing! Noah also made the cover story "Special Student" of our city newspaper. We want to say a special thank you to everyone who has donated and supported our precious, Noah. Noah's school started multiple fundraisers, initiated the city newspaper interview and even reached out to the San Francisco 49ers who gave Noah a package of gifts and an official San Francisco 49er letter letting Noah know they are his new friends and support him completely. The school also held a silent auction for one of 1,000 special commemorative 2012 NFC Championship edition footballs provided by the San Francisco 49ers Foundation signed by pro offensive lineman Mike Iupati enclosed in a glass case, and gave Noah the Iupati autographed jersey. We can't thank you enough for the tremendous support and love you all have given to Noah and our family. This all came to us by surprise and we are very grateful. We thank God once again, for showering our family with all of these bountiful unexpected blessings that not only include the things Noah has received thus far, but also the people we believe God has used as His instruments! God bless you all!


August 26, 2013

by Stout Family on 08/26/13

In the early morning of August 8th we rushed Noah to emergency at UCSF. He was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), and diagnosed with Metabolic Acidosis (MA). The doctors were able to correct the MA and Noah was discharged the next day. The following Monday (August 12th), Noah suffered the same emergency and was admitted back into the PICU. He suffered for 30+ hours of itching, no sleep and fast breathing until the doctors were able to correct his MA again, by giving him bicarb. This time, Noah stayed in the hospital for 4 days and was sent home with bicarb pills. The pills are helping Noah and he is doing very well. While in the hospital, Noah had an MRI which showed stable results - no activity and no enhancement once again. Thank God! Root cause of the MA is still unknown.

Thank you for your prayers during this very scary time and new challenge we were faced with. Special thanks to Bro. Rey Membrere for coming to the hospital to pray and anoint Noah with oil every day. God is so GOOD! Thank you to UCSF medical staff for taking good care of our, Noah! Thank you to Dr. Marquis at the Burzynski Clinic for collaborating with UCSF, providing guidance and staying in close contact with us 24/7.

Noah officially started the 2nd grade and is so happy to be homeschooled by Ms. Mutti, again and to be part of Ms. Leday’s 2nd grade class. Noah is excited as he will be taking school pictures on Thursday and will line up with the rest of his class!

August 5, 2013

by Stout Family on 08/05/13

Noah's last MRI on June 13, 2013 was stable with no activity and no enhancements, once again. We are always very thankful to God for answering our prayers. Noah's next MRI is scheduled this Friday, August 9th and prayerfully, we'll see good results again - of course we're always praying for tumor breakdown but we'll take stable.

Noah has had home Physical Therapy (PT) with Linda but she, along with Noah's doctors, feel he is ready for that next level of PT. In perfect timing, we were contacted by CCS (California Children's Services), who has offered additional Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) services. Noah is now going to these additional therapy sessions twice a week to get him back to the routine of doing things independently. His 2nd shunt revision back in December 2011 took a toll on him because as his ventricles filled up with fluid - it added pressure to his brain causing some issues with his right side of his body (when he was unconscious his leg was stiff as a board - then when they would tap his shunt to remove the fluid, it would become normal and flexible again). We also believe his long term use of steroids (2+ yrs), caused his body to become more dependent on the steroids versus using his own muscle strength; so tapering him off completely in January 2013 required Noah to work harder in using his own natural strength. In either case - we are very happy because additional PT and OT will get him back to functioning normally. He's pretty excited about exercising in a harness. He remembers going to the Justin Bieber concert and seeing Justin flying across the stage. :-)

Noah has lost 26 lbs (whoohoo!), and will start 2nd grade soon. He's a little bummed about summer vacation ending soon but he'll have a pretty busy schedule with homeschool and PT/OT. He's enjoying every minute of the summer and happy that in no time soon - all of his hard work will pay off and he'll be walking and running around like he used to. Noah continues to lead his 8:00 PM PST devotional prayers asking God for complete healing so he can help other kids who are suffering from this illness and be a deacon in Children's Worship Service (CWS) :-).  He continues to inspire me and my entire family with his faith, devotion and trust in what our Father in Heaven can do. Noah is truly heaven sent.  

June 8, 2013

by Stout Family on 06/08/13

I apologize as it’s been a long time since I've updated this website. We've made more updates to Noah's public Facebook page (I Heart Noah), due to easy access on our smartphones.

Noah's last MRI was in April 2013 and everything was the same. There has been no change since October 2011 (tumor is stable and shunt is working perfectly). Noah has another MRI scheduled June 13, 2013.

Yesterday, Noah sat in the baby pool with his 3 year old and 1 year old sisters playing and having a great time cooling off from the heat. He woke up today feeling good and ready to attend Children's Worship Service, which he attends every Saturday.

As I reflect back to December 27, 2010, I remember that we prayed immediately asking for help and guidance and God led us to Dr. Burzynski. Today, Noah has no symptoms, he's no longer taking steroids and has completed the first grade with Outstanding and Satisfactory grades - reading at the 2nd grade level, already. All of Noah’s doctors say Noah is very unique and doing great – they are almost speechless about how good he’s doing.

We praise God and give Him all the glory because he continues to be Noah’s protector and shield from this illness. We thank God for the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo), the great support we have from all of you, Dr. Burzysnki and his non-toxic medicine, for keeping His promises about anointing of oil (James 5:14 - Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord), answering our every prayer and Noah’s great progress. Although we pray several times throughout our day, we continue to dedicate 8:00pm every day to specifically ask God to heal Noah. We’ve also not missed a day of anointing of oil since diagnosis. If there is a cure to this awful illness – I can only say it’s having faith, trust and zero doubts in God’s mercy and miracles. God is truly magnificent, the most powerful and the greatest above all.

You can watch our family interview taken early 2012: http://incmedia.org/wpmedia/videos/the-power-of-prayer Noah actually looks completely different as he’s lost a ton of weight soon as he stopped taking steroids. You can see up to date pictures on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Heart-Noah/155929211124392.  

Thank you again for your support and may God shower His abundant blessings to all of you!


Feburary 28, 2013

by Stout Family on 02/28/13

On February 12, 2013 Noah had his routine MRI and the results were stable and not active, once again. There has been no change since October 2011. Thank God! That very same day was the last day Noah took his steroids. He is completely off of hydrocortisone (steroids) and is doing extremely well. He now only takes natural supplements (potassium and iron) and his ANP medicine.

Noah has also doing great with his homeschool studies. He's been getting 100% on his spelling tests, most times, and he's doing well in learning how to count money and how to tell time. He's also improving with his right side strength and using his left hand a lot more these days.

We apologize for the delay in updating this website. Noah also has a public Facebook page "I Heart Noah" and because of easy access - we sometimes post more updates on his FB page than this website.