October 28, 2014 : Updates and Comments
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October 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 11/20/14

 months have gone by and not a single day has gone by that we haven't thought about our moments with Noah. It's been tough lately. Maybe because the season changed or maybe because Noah's team SF Giants are in the World Series and the 49er...s games are on. We can hear him get mad during the game saying, "ohhhhhh cmonnnnn!!!" Or "what thuhhhhhh!!!" We can also hear his sarcasm to the other team when he used to say, "waaa-waaa-waaa!!!" when his team scores. LOL!

Everything's orange from the moon, the sky, the leaves, fashion color, home decor color or maybe we're just noticing it more now. When we're down, we pray and we feel better because we know God is close and will catch us when we fall as He always does (thank You). That's just about all we can do. We just miss Noah so much. Now let's do this SF Giants!!! Oh sorry... I guess Noah rubbed off on me.
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