August 28, 2014 : Updates and Comments
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August 28, 2014

by Stout Family on 09/14/14


Today marks 5 months we've been without Noah. His name plate, picture and bench are all in place, and we continue to keep his site full of beautiful colorful flowers. It's so hard without Noah but, we've managed to stay strong in our faith,... which is how we are able to keep going. His sisters miss him and speak of him often. They also mimic his silly gestures that make all of us laugh. Noah would have started 3rd grade this school year and, this September 19th he would be turning 8 years old. We remember every moment with Noah - ones that make us laugh, ones that make us cry, and ones that give us encouragement and inspiration to keep smiling and be at peace with God's will.

We thank each and every one of you who continue to keep us in your prayers. We also thank those who continue to check on our family to see how we are doing. Your prayers, love and friendship mean so much to us. We are blessed with your support!

I found the drawing that says I Love My Mom with the infinity symbols, in my wallet the other day. It reminded me that love is infinite because Noah would always say, "I love you to infinity." And this is true... We feel his love every day!
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