October 4, 2013 : Updates and Comments
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October 4, 2013

by Stout Family on 10/04/13

Noah's turned 7 years old on September 19, 2013 and celebrated his very special day 1950s biker/surfer style (Teen Beach Movie theme), with his closest friends and family. He also had a birthday party in his classroom at school with new 2nd grade friends and received several greetings and special surprises from many other students at his school. His last MRI was on September 16th and the results were once again stable with no growth, no enhancement and no activity. What a great birthday present!

Noah has been very busy as he started the 2nd Grade at John Sinnott Elementary and was placed in Ms. Leday's class. He continues to be homeschooled by Ms. Mutti. His principal, Mr. Frascone along with the Superintendent, Mr. Matsuoka, graciously offered to let Noah use a robot that allows Noah to be a perceptual student. He was so excited as he remembers seeing this in a movie. The head of the robot is an iPad and Noah controls the robot from another iPad at home. He can move the robot anywhere he wants to and the robot's iPad head, becomes Noah's face through the iPad cameras so that everyone can see Noah and Noah can see everyone, too. Pretty amazing! Noah also made the cover story "Special Student" of our city newspaper. We want to say a special thank you to everyone who has donated and supported our precious, Noah. Noah's school started multiple fundraisers, initiated the city newspaper interview and even reached out to the San Francisco 49ers who gave Noah a package of gifts and an official San Francisco 49er letter letting Noah know they are his new friends and support him completely. The school also held a silent auction for one of 1,000 special commemorative 2012 NFC Championship edition footballs provided by the San Francisco 49ers Foundation signed by pro offensive lineman Mike Iupati enclosed in a glass case, and gave Noah the Iupati autographed jersey. We can't thank you enough for the tremendous support and love you all have given to Noah and our family. This all came to us by surprise and we are very grateful. We thank God once again, for showering our family with all of these bountiful unexpected blessings that not only include the things Noah has received thus far, but also the people we believe God has used as His instruments! God bless you all!


Comments (4)

1. Sis. Sheng said on 10/21/13 - 11:01PM
Belated happy birthday brother noah. God Bless you and your whole family always!
2. Christian said on 11/1/13 - 06:18PM
Hi noah! I watched your story on stories of faith. And thank you to God! You're okay now :) Still faithful and prayerful kid. God Bless Your Family!
3. Sis. Rosel Allones said on 11/2/13 - 06:23PM
Hello brother Noah, I also came to know about you from watching Stories of Faith. You are such a resilient young boy and very handsome too :) May our Lord God continue to heal you, bless you and your family with strong faith and provide you with the things you need to win this fight. You will forever be in my prayers!
4. brother jose said on 12/10/13 - 10:48PM
hello Noah, I watched your story just today from stories of faith . . .and yes The Father loves us His children. . just continue to serve Him and all will be well for you. . my best regards. . .a brother from the Philippines, Cotabato Southeast,Koronadal City Locale

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