February 20, 2014 : Updates and Comments
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February 20, 2014

by Stout Family on 02/20/14

Noah enjoyed Thanksgiving as it is his favorite dinner. He celebrated our Church’s end of the year Thanksgiving and attended Children’s Worship Service dressed in a nice tan suit with an orange tie. For those of you who know Noah, he loves to dress his best in suits and ties. He also brought in the New Year singing karaoke with his birthday buddy, Papa Art and family who visited from Arizona.

Noah had a catheter replacement in mid-January. As per the standard surgery procedures, he was given general anesthesia with a breathing tube through the mouth into the airway. Unfortunately, as Noah was still recovering from the common cold,  the secretions in his throat worsened due to the breathing tube used in surgery. Noah couldn’t cough up the secretions so he was admitted to the hospital as he needed Respiratory Care for suction. While at the hospital Noah was also experiencing a sporadic itch sensation he gets from time to time. When we took him to the hospital previously, it wasn’t something the doctors had seen before since there was no evidence of a skin rash or irritation. We assumed it was an allergic reaction to something but, antihistamines were ineffective. After doing further research, what Noah was experiencing seemed close to being a type of neuropathic itch. We met with Neurology during the hospital stay and they agreed that may be the case. Thank God, they prescribed a medication that Noah could take on an as needed basis for immediate relief. We watched the Super Bowl from the hospital (Noah enjoyed Bruno Mars’ half time show), and we were discharged the following day. Special thanks to my super supportive Buensuceso and Moreno Family for taking care of our girls, Giana and Leila, while we were away, and to Bro. Rommel San Gabriel, who took the time out of his busy ministerial schedule to come every day to UCSF to pray for Noah and anoint him with oil.

Noah was excited about a recent "Noah Night". It was Menlo High School’s (in Atherton, CA), basketball game, against rival school Sacred Heart Prep. They dedicated this special game to Noah. It was a heartwarming event as the gym was an ocean of orange (Noah’s favorite color). Everyone wore orange, waved orange cloths in the air, had orange balloons and the basketball players from both schools wore orange socks. There were even some students who painted their hair orange! Unfortunately, because Noah was discharged from the hospital that same week, he wasn't able to make it but, he was able to Face Time with his Dad, Anthony who attended the game. Special thanks to Coach Leday and his new Menlo High School (Atherton, CA) and Sacred Heart Prep families.

We also want to say a special Thank You to: Jen Santos, Vanessa Yang, Rosel Allones, Art & Maria Buensuceso, Art & Sally Villasol, Tony Frascone (Principal at John Sinnott Elementary), Hilary Leday (Noah’s 2nd Grade Teacher), Jenny Mutti (Noah’s Homeschool Teacher), Kellie Arnone (CCS PT), Paul Gallarate (CCS OT), Linda O’Connor (Home PT), Craig DeVincent (UCSF), Scott Martin (UCSF), Shannon Raber (UCSF), Amy Selverston (UCSF), Dr. Marquis (Burzynski Clinic), Dr. Burzysnki, Dr. Banerjee (UCSF), Dr. Oates (UCSF), Dr. Lee (UCSF), and many-many others!

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1. Sis. Rosel Allones said on 2/22/14 - 06:46PM
You are so welcome! I'm glad that Noah's better now. I know that God is always watching over him and your family. Keep on fighting, Noah! You continue to inspire me and so many others with your bravery and strong faith in God. I'll never stop praying for you! ?
2. reilly johnson said on 3/27/14 - 01:32PM
I am praying for Noah and I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I love you guys and have faith that God will bless Noah with recovery. Stay strong and know we all support you!
3. Claudia Andrade said on 3/28/14 - 02:30PM
We are praying for Noah and your family.
4. Sis. Rosel Allones said on 3/29/14 - 11:35AM
My heart goes out to you Michelle, Anthony, your baby girls and to your entire family. Noah was incredibly strong to have fought his battle with DIPG this long. He will never be forgotten and will continue to be my inspiration. God bless all of you in this difficult time. You will always have my support. Love and peace to you always. I Heart Noah!
5. Marsha said on 3/29/14 - 08:23PM
Michelle, Anthony, I am so sorry for your loss! My heart is so heavy. Noah fought so hard for so long. Bless his sweet heart. Michelle, you & your family,y are in my prayers. What blessings you all have been to everyone whose path you've crossed. Blessings of peace & cimfort to you & your family. I love you all!

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