August 26, 2013 : Updates and Comments
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August 26, 2013

by Stout Family on 08/26/13

In the early morning of August 8th we rushed Noah to emergency at UCSF. He was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), and diagnosed with Metabolic Acidosis (MA). The doctors were able to correct the MA and Noah was discharged the next day. The following Monday (August 12th), Noah suffered the same emergency and was admitted back into the PICU. He suffered for 30+ hours of itching, no sleep and fast breathing until the doctors were able to correct his MA again, by giving him bicarb. This time, Noah stayed in the hospital for 4 days and was sent home with bicarb pills. The pills are helping Noah and he is doing very well. While in the hospital, Noah had an MRI which showed stable results - no activity and no enhancement once again. Thank God! Root cause of the MA is still unknown.

Thank you for your prayers during this very scary time and new challenge we were faced with. Special thanks to Bro. Rey Membrere for coming to the hospital to pray and anoint Noah with oil every day. God is so GOOD! Thank you to UCSF medical staff for taking good care of our, Noah! Thank you to Dr. Marquis at the Burzynski Clinic for collaborating with UCSF, providing guidance and staying in close contact with us 24/7.

Noah officially started the 2nd grade and is so happy to be homeschooled by Ms. Mutti, again and to be part of Ms. Leday’s 2nd grade class. Noah is excited as he will be taking school pictures on Thursday and will line up with the rest of his class!

Comments (4)

1. Mr. Frascone said on 8/27/13 - 01:59PM
Noah Rocks!!!
2. Sis. Sheng said on 8/27/13 - 03:21PM
God Bless you always dear brother Noah! As you and your whole family continue to inspire other people. More prayers..
3. Fortes Family said on 9/11/13 - 07:58PM
Praying for you and your family. May God continue to give you strength.
4. veronica hernandez said on 9/21/13 - 06:19PM
Noah Bear keeping you in my prayers always. Happy Birthday little Dude!! God is Great

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