October 4, 2012 : Updates and Comments
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October 4, 2012

by Stout Family on 10/04/12

Noah had his MRI on Tuesday, October 2nd and his tumor continues to remain stable and his ventricles continue to remain small (which means his shunt is working perfectly). Thank God!

Noah has been having so much fun playing with all of his new toys and art supplies he received from his birthday. He's also been having fun in the sun with his sister, Giana in the baby pool we set up in our backyard.

We have been so blessed that Noah's tumor has not progressed for a year (since Oct 2011), and he is not experiencing any pains, discomforts, symptoms or side effects. We continue to wait patiently and pray for tumor breakdown, which we know will happen in God's perfect timing.

Comments (3)

1. Sonya F. said on 10/17/12 - 10:56AM
This is such wonderful news! I am happy to read that Noah is enjoying all his new stuff and is not experiencing pain. Noah is always in my prayers.
2. Bro David said on 10/20/12 - 12:37AM
Bro Noah, you will be included in our prayers. Locale of Manukau, New Zealand
3. Michael and Sandra, Noah, Elijah said on 10/25/12 - 02:18PM
I am so glad Noah is doing better! Our Noah was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost 2/12 years ago. Now he's 15 1/2 and ready to start driving. We do MRI's every year now and no tumor growth. My prayers are your Noah does remarkably well too and a complete cure is the end of this story! We pray for our Noah and now we pray for you Noah too!! Mike

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