November 5, 2012 : Updates and Comments
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November 5, 2012

by Stout Family on 11/05/12

Noah had an ACTH test last Friday which is a test to determine if his body is producing its natural steroids. The results of the test would tell us if he's ready to stop taking his hydrocortisone pills. The test showed that his adrenals are still partially suppressed. The doctors typically want to see a rise of greater than 10 but his rose to 8. They advised us not to be discouraged as his adrenals are waking up! He just needs a little more time so they advised us to stop his last dose and re-test in January. He's now taking 7.5mg (instead of 10mg), of hydrocortisone and what is reassuring is that there is no harm with this low dose since this is basically comparable to a person's natural steroid level.

Although Noah was a bit disappointed in the results (he was so excited to stop taking these pills!), he continues to do very well. He's still the same happy-go-lucky and extremely blessed little 6 year old boy who never ceases to amaze us! His next MRI will be in December. Stay tuned.

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